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Asbestos Removal

State Demolition & Civil Works (NSW) P/L staff and contractors comply with WorkCover requirements to Australian Standard 2601-2001. We are also members of the HIA (Housing Industry Association).

Types of Asbestos
There are two main types of asbestos containing materials (ACMs)

  • Bonded asbestos has been mixed with other products to form building materials commonly found in houses and home units.
  • Friable asbestos is any asbestos material that can be crumbled or pulverized by hand pressure when dry or asbestos that is in a powder form.

Materials That Contain Asbestos

Common building materials that contain asbestos include corrugated asbestos cement roofs, roof shingles, gutters and downpipes, internal and external fibro walls, fibro ceilings, electrical backing boards in meter boxes, vinyl floor coverings, vermiculite sprayed ceilings, hot water tank flues, asbestos cement pipes and corrugated fibro fencing.

Working with Asbestos

There are no significant health risks if asbestos containing materials are maintained in good condition, however, safety precautions must be taken in any situation where dust could be generated and drilling, cutting, demolishing, sawing, nailing and scraping of asbestos products including fibro should be avoided.

Some builders we have demolished for on behalf of their customers include Masterton Homes, Beautiful New Homes, Clarendon Homes, Wincrest Homes, Metricon Homes, Charleston Homes Jandson Homes, Beechwood Homes, Bellmarch Homes, Eagle Homes, Lily Homes, Krislovic Homes, Alkira Homes, Allcastle Homes, Sekisui Homes, Fowler Homes and many more.