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Terms & Conditions

  1. To accept this Demolition Quotation, please sign the acceptance section and return it to State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd within the expiry date provided to receive the special offer. By signing the quotation you are accepting the terms & conditions.
  2. All works are subject to Council Approval, including any trees to be removed. A copy of the approval must be supplied to State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd. Should council approval not be given prior to commencement of work, additional fees will apply for delays or site revisit.
  3. Shrubs & Bushes are defined as being no more than 3m high and within 3m of the existing building, unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the quotation.
  4. Disconnection of your gas meter is to be completed by the owner/title holder. Please contact us for more information to ensure your gas meter and service line is removed before State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd arrives and allow at least 20 working days for disconnection. A charge of $400.00 for any delay will occur.
  5. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will provide you with all the paperwork required to lodge your DA. Your site contour plan on a scale of 1 to 200 of your existing residence is required to lodge with your DA application for demolition and is required by us. Your builder will provide you with a copy.
  6. The owner is to provide a minimum 3.5 metre clearance to the site entrance for truck access to avoid damage to the water meter, Telstra pit or any other items in the pathway of the entrance. If there is not enough room for our machine and trucks to have clear access, we will ensure that all care is taken, but State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd hold no responsibility for any damage which may occur due to limited clearance.
  7. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any damage not limited to footpaths, driveways, pipes, easements, kerb and gutter or any undisclosed underground services, including water, gas, electricity, phone/cable (Telstra pit) or sewer pits. All care will be taken when working on or around these areas. Owner is to provide State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd with all underground services plans, Telstra service plans and sewer plans. Timber cross-over protection for the kerb and gutter can be provided at additional cost.
  8. Where front fence is to be removed with footings and/or foundations all care will be taken to ensure any underground services are not disturbed or damaged. Any underground service that is directly under the front fence or within 300mm is not the responsibility of State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd should in the unlikely event any damage occurs. Any neighbouring fences that may be affected or damaged by the removal of the contracted fence will need to be repaired or rectified by the owner of the property.
  9. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any damaged caused to neighbouring fences in the case of concrete, timber, brick or any material joining both fences together or in the case of being stuck together. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will take all reasonable care to ensure no damage is caused to neighbouring fences.
  10. Any shrubs, bush & trees or structures removed close to any boundary fence link will be the responsibility of the customer, should the boundary fence and/or neighbouring property be damaged due to removal. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will take all reasonable care to ensure minimal or no damage, however due to the heavy machinery used, State Demolition will not be held liable for any cost.
  11. Tree Protection & Sediment Control is subject to Council requirements. Standard tree protection will be charged at $165.00 + GST per tree.
  12. Silt Barrier (Sediment Control) will be charged at $495 incl GST . Please note that these protection methods are only if required and will remain on site during construction process.
  13. For any tree removal State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd requires a copy of the council approval. All stumps are to be removed by stump grinding unless otherwise specified on the quotation. Trees that require removal are to be marked with a pink X before demolition and trees to remain are to be protected with barrier tape. NO trees can be removed which are situated on the border of your property. Should you wish to have these trees removed by State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd, then State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will NOT be held liable for any damage to neighbouring fence/s, neighbouring house and/or property or any services that may become damaged by a result of removing boundary trees and root system. Whilst State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd takes all care possible, we cannot guarantee that no damage can be achieved due to the nature of the work.
  14. All houses that are not double brick are quoted with gyprock lining on walls and ceilings unless otherwise stated on our quote.
  15. Asbestos fibro sheeting in wet areas are allowed for in our quotation.
  16. Concealed materials not brought to our attention WILL incur an additional cost. This includes buried building materials and/or Asbestos. If your house has a lining of Asbestos that is not brought to our attention or concealed and is not visible at the time of inspection, this WILL also incur an additional cost. If these issues are relevant at time of demolition, we will contact you immediately for further instructions.
  17. All footings and piers allowed for in the quotation are standard. Footings and piers will be removed to the standard depth of 300mm below surface level. Any deep piers, including sandstone, rock, or concrete will incur extra charges. If any deep piering is found we will contact you with a cost and further instructions.
  18. If the job requires any concrete cutting to avoid damage to fencing or neighbours property or surrounding buildings, State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will add $175.00 site set up fee, and $40.00 + GST per 1 metre length, or the owner may wish to organise their own concrete cutter contractor prior to our team commencing work.
  19. No items / Structures eg. Windows, Doors, Floors are to be removed without prior consent from State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd, otherwise a site fee will be charged based on the condition and hazardous state the house and site is left in. The demolition quote is based on the house in the state it was viewed in, unless otherwise stated in the quotation.
  20. Please note tree protection must be erected before State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd is booked to commence demolition. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any tree removed if no sign, protection or barrier tape is displayed on the tree.
  21. The deposit is refundable if the DA for the building process is rejected by Council. If your Council rejects the application, $500 from the deposit is refundable and the balance will be absorbed by our administration and site costs, including all notifications to Work Cover and Council.
  22. Tree/s on council property is not included in this quotation. Should you require any tree/s on council property to be removed, State Demolition& Civil Works Pty Ltd require a copy of council approval before commencement, otherwise additional fees will apply.
  23. Any bordering fencing that may be affected by the removal of surrounding concrete, spoil, bush and shrubs will be the responsibility of the owner to replace and stabilize and ensure the fence is left in a safe condition during construction. State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will take all care where possible, but cannot guarantee the condition of the existing fence lines will remain solid due to earth movement and removal and therefore cannot accept liability for the cost of repair.
  24. All rubbish and building material is to be removed from the site. Any rubbish, furniture or household items left on site will incur extra charges. Demolition debris that is left over from the shaker bucket including small broken bricks, roof tiles, concrete, paving etc is considered building waste and remains on the site surface. Our excavator machines track the demolished area to ensure nothing is onsite other than small demolition debris that cannot be caught by the shaker bucket. If you or your builder require the demolition debris from the shaker bucket scraped off site this will incur extra charges.
  25. Payment terms are a $5000 payment prior to commencement of manual work, $5000 payment prior to commencement of machine work & a 3rd progressive payment if applicable thereafter and the balance on completion of demolition work. If there are any delays in payment, State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd will seek interest calculated daily until all moneys outstanding are paid in full.
  26. This quotation is issued subject to the provisions of the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payments Act 1999, NSW.

    All disposal dockets and receipts are available upon request.

    Asbestos and hazardous materials will be removed in accordance with OH&S rules and regulations. All material disposed from job sites are transported to authorised and approved recycling and waste disposal yards or to an approved EPA landfill. Employees and contractors hold Work Cover NSW Licences and are qualified to supervise demolition sites and remove asbestos. Asbestos removal will be carried out in accordance with the National Code of Practice for the safe removal of asbestos (NOHSC:1008 (2004). State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd carry a Work Cover NSW Demolition Licence and Asbestos Removal Licence (#204 906 AS2)

    All clients are valued and important to State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd. Should you have any questions, concerns or issues you require to be addressed, please feel free to contact the office.

    Warm Wishes from State Demolition & Civil Works Pty Ltd Team

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